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Michele’s spiritual clairvoyance and 

message giving abilities saved my life.

My life is heading into something bigger than I imagined. I got scared and confused with everything.

JB Atlanta

​With my new career that I’m heading towards... and my current financially secure situation​. I have now and unsure how this will all mix together when I am only “One” person. Michele taught me to pull back from situations​, ​relax put​ some weeks into family, fun time and act at ​certain times according to my chart​.Michele​ encouraged me​, teaching me timing ​ plays ​a crucial role for decision making​ to​ process my business plan​. We created a step by step plan​ that will now happen this spring.

M Maui

Michele helped me to be Stronger, 

Happier, Patient. I’m a true believers in her techniques, with her coaching skills that are deeper than most other personal coaching. Michele is brilliant. I feel she has the ability to tap into your souls purpose and shows you how easy it can be​,​ with the instructions you receive​,​ during each and every one of your meetings with her. Get the guidance from a Master of 

Science ​and get more Empowered by being a greater 

part of yourself!

ED Sarasota 

"Michele truly is a magnificent person to work with, she very well has a gift not many people on this earth posses. You can say she has a high powered search and destroy laser in her head.
I can seriously spend an hour with her, spilling out all my problems, insecurities, and blockages that are preventing me from moving forward or down right making me feel not at 100%, and within a matter of seconds Michele will instantly identify the root cause of each problem and work out a solid plan with me to turn any adversity into an opportunity for growth.These issues could be bothering me for weeks and within the short time I have with her I instantly feel 100x better, pinpointing the next step towards my advancement. It is an honor to be able to learn from such a special person, I recommend everyone to get a chance to meet her." -Sebastian Heguaburo Boca Raton


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