My Experience

I have dedicated myself to living a healthy lifestyle.

With habits that promote sustainable awareness. 

Love, community service, self-care and empowerment through science, art and holtisitc alternative practices, keeping my commitment.

My Approach

I teach the art of consciousness with the focus on healthy eating, mindful words and thoughts, plus living in the moment.

My clients reap the reward during our session with clear goals monthly planning and investment of time &money.

I design monthly guidelines, with practical steps to move clients toward goals for their business, body, along with personal relationship.

Why Me?

I practice and teach the art of discipline with self-care practices. Being alert and aware of self-talk, our self-image, plus maintaining a calm mind.

These habits build balance, support a positive action plan

with stillness and commitment to  reach  goals.

My daily meditation, journal writing and cross training 

Practices; of tennis, yoga and morning walks have kept my body at it’s ideal weight, throughout my life.

Healthy circulation benefits the body and mind and creates clear thinking when combined with writing practice.